About Our Policies...

We get it! Stuff breaks, or sometimes stuff even comes broken and it sucks!  Unfortunately because we sell a lot of DIY and After Market items, we have a little bit of a stricter policy when it comes to Returns and Warranties.  But don't fear, we are here to explain them!

If you are international... Unfortunately because logistics is very, very complicated when it comes to international shipments, we can only offer a very limited international warranty.  You will have your own special section below. 


Not what you wanted? Having some regrets? Don't worry, we do have a return policy when it comes to new and unused or DOA items:

  • You have 14 days from delivery date to be eligible for a full product refund (minus shipping) for any new, unused, or dead on arrival items. 
  • Merchandise must be new, unused, and in original packaging to be eligible for a refund (unless reported as DOA!)
  • Customer must have written approval  to be eligible for a return. If an item is sent back without written approval, thanks for the free gift :)!
  • After 14 days we gladly still accept returns for store credit or for an exchange

Please keep in mind that modified, damaged, or used products my not be eligible for a full refund or credit.  


Because a lot of our products are custom and aftermarket we can only offer a very limited warranty.  We are very reasonable and will always try to help , so please don't let that discourage you! Feel free to ask us any questions you have about after service. We can only offer a warranty on our products, and are not responsible for the product you may be installing on. 

  • Dead on Arrival and Manufacturer Defects must be reported within 14 days of delivery.  Any report outside of that timeline will have to be reviewed.  We will most likely first attempt to remotely help you diagnose and fix the problem, as most times issues are easy to repair and can be done so remotely!  If we can't fix it remotely, we may ask you to deliver the product back to us so we can repair and replace at no cost if the problem is manufacturer related. 
  • After 14 days we offer a parts warranty where we can send needed parts or accessories in order to repair your item.  We can offer repair services depending on the situation, so please e-mail us if you have questions! Charges may apply for services not covered by this Limited Warranty. 

Not Covered By Warranty?

  • Crashes or damage caused by non-manufacturing errors (such as improper installation, modification, or repair)
  • Damage caused by unauthorized modification
  • Damage caused by misuse of product and accessories (such as using an after market charger or accessory)
  • Damage caused by operation in bad weather (such as heavy rain, snow, sand or dust storms)
  • Damage caused by forced use
  • Damage caused by using additional third-party or after market products in addition.
  • Products or parts with an altered identification label (such as serial #) 
  • Loss or damaged products during shipping to and from Crystal Method.